Thanksgiving Learning Activities

We are coming up on our homeschool week where we just do activities and completely submerge ourselves in the joy of learning without textbooks but with hands on fun!  I decided it would be so fun to plan our learning around a Thanksgiving theme, and I found all these amazing Thanksgiving learning activities.  I found all these amazing ideas and thought I would share what I found with you.  I am really excited to do these fun things with my kids.

Dancing Corn


Source: Little Bins For Little Hands

This looked like fun and required very little prep as I have most of the items necessary on hand.  I think ALL of my children will enjoy this.


Turkey Alphabet Match


Source: Mrs. Jones Creation Station

This is perfect for my preschoolers and could be adjusted to site words for my 1st grader.  But I love the FREE printable she provided.  


Thanksgiving Writing Ideas


Source: Miss Giraffes Class

Some fun writing prompts that I think will work great for my 1st grader and could be adjusted for older grades for my 7th grader.


Pumpkin Patch Sight Word Game


Source: Raising Little Super Heros

I know my active 1st grader will LOVE this game.  I am sure the littles will get involved as well.  



 Thanksgiving Movies For Kids


Source: iGame Mom

Movies are always a hit at my house.  This will be perfect for our quiet hour.  


 Thanksgiving Science Activities


Source: Teaching to Inspire

I’ll be honest… this is the activity I am most excited about.  I love hands-on science experiments.  


Thanksgiving Books


Source: Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas

This looks like a fun collection of books to have on hand for your Thanksgiving week. We will definitely be hitting the library for some of these. 


Thanksgiving Activities for Upper Elementary


Source: Teaching to Inspire

I loved the activities and the books and feel like this will work well with a few minor adjustment for my 7th grader.   We just finished reading ‘Thank you Sarah’.  It was a great book and even I learned something from it.  

I hope you enjoy these fun learning activities and I think the kids and I will have a fantastic week of learning with these great ideas! 

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