8 valentine’s day activities for kids

I love planning lessons around holidays to break up our routine and add some fun to the mix and Valentine’s Day offers a perfect opportunity to add an assortment of fun activities and projects!  My kids love experiments but they also love crafts so I put together a fun selection of both!    The majority of my children are under 7, but I do have a 12-year-old so I added a few fun things for her as well.  I hope you find something that you can enjoy with your family!

This is a fun experiment to do with all those candy hearts hanging around.  I personally don’t like candy hearts so I feel like dissolving them is a perfect use!  Plus the kids love experiments like this. 

Check it out here!


 If you have vinegar and baking soda hanging around at your house then you are ready to do this art project!  I love simple activities that use things around the house!  


We have a million pipe cleaners bouncing around at our house so this art activity will be the perfect use!



It has been suggested to me that bird feeders are a great asset in keeping your kids occupied and learning during the long winter.  Put out a bird feeder,  make some hot chocolate, and watch the birds come and go!  So I will definitely be making these with the kids.




This will be a HUGE hit for my 1st grader!  Oh, my goodness, does he love to build things and I know that my 2 and 4-year-old will enjoy this activity as well.  It’s sure to be a hit!



Here’s a fun Valentine math activity that will be perfect for your younger grades like kindergarten through 2nd.  You can adapt it for preschoolers to enjoy as well!



This adorable bouquet is something my 7th grader would love to make for her friends!  



How fun is this idea!  Valentine delivery ZIP LINES!  My kids will be all over this idea!  


I hope you found one or two things to do with your kids this Valentine’s day.  Any one of these ideas is sure to be a hit!