Sanity Saving Chore System

sanity saving chore systemI am not going lie, teaching the kids to be responsible human beings that clean up after themselves is HARD.   I have been using just a rotation schedule for my two oldest.  The downfall to it is that it is usually me nagging them to finish their chores and it is my responsibility to check their work and tell them if something isn’t quite up to par.  I was becoming the enemy in my home and the parent that nobody wanted to be around. I was tired of it and my kids were tired of it.   I was talking to a friend about my dilemma and she told me how she does chores with her kids.  I tried her methods and oh my goodness!  The results were incredible!  My kids finished chores quickly and efficiently and I didn’t even have to check in and make sure things were done correctly.  So without further delay, this is what I like to call the Sanity Saving Chore System.   

To start you will need the following:

Either a Dry erase board, chalkboard, or Paper – anything to write your list on.

Dry erase markers, chalk, or pencil – to write with.

Easy Peasy right?!

We use a dry erase board at our house and I proceed to write down all the things that need to be done in the house.  I add easy things to the list for the younger kids that are just starting to learn chores and for the other kids I break up the chores into manageable chunks that won’t overwhelm them.  

Today my list looked like this:

Living room floor

Dining room floor

Kitchen table


Office floor


Sweep kitchen

Half-bath toilet


Empty garbage in kids bathroom


The little kids’ list would look something like this:

Pick grapes up off the floor

Pick up your dirty clothes and put in clothes hamper

Pick up dirty towels in the bathroom

I then ask the kids to come in and pick a chore from the list.  The first person to complete the chore gets to pick their next chore. I pick a few chores as well and it feels like a family event.  It is then a race to see who can get finished first so that they can do the easier chores.  I have never had the chores finished so quickly.  When everything is complete the kids then go through the list and check each other’s work.  They pick someone to check and go through and tell the other sibling what they may have missed and ask politely for them to finish the task properly.  So now I am completely out of the fray so to speak.  

Sometimes I will pay them for certain chores and add the $$ amount that I am willing to pay for certain items on the list.  It’s a great way for them to earn extra money and it’s easy for me too!

This has seriously changed our chore attitude around the house.  When asked if they liked our new chore system the kids responded with an astounding yes!  So fellow parents, if you are struggling with chores around your house, give this a try!