Hands-on ant lesson

For our science this year we are learning about arthropods.  Currently, we are on the unit of ants.   My first grader is full of energy and likes to be creative.  He is definitely more of a hands-on learner and our lesson was missing some of that.   So I added the “hands on” part to our science lesson.  We watched a few youtube videos about ants. I love how awesome youtube is for teaching your kids.  Always use adult supervision of course but there are some great resources there.  




This one was SO interesting.  I have never seen the inside of an ant hill but this gives you an amazing visual:




This video showed us how ants are used for medicine and research:



This video showed us how ants survive in a swamp:




We had a few more pieces to our lesson but in the end, he really wanted to make something.  So we tried a new playdough recipe with only 3 ingredients!  


oatmeal clay recipe


Oatmeal Clay

1 cup of oatmeal

1/2 cup flour

1/2 cup water

Mix ingredients and add more flour if it is too sticky.  

That’s it!  Super simple and quick to pull together.  

10 Christmas themed learning activities

Looking for great history, reading, math, and science to explore during this Christmas season?   I have compiled a list of 10 great Christmas themed learning activities that my kids and I are planning on using this month.  I am really excited to dig in and try these and I know the kids are going to LOVE them.   The ones we have already tried have been a huge hit  in our home and I hope in yours.  

This is another reason I love homeschooling is trying and learning all of these things either again or for the first time WITH my kids.  We are building such a close bond with each other by sharing in this time together.



A WWII Christmas from Free Homeschool Deals.

First off, a little history which is my favorite subject and WW II is so interesting.  They have a 4-part series put together from rationing and recipes to V-mail and more.  




This Frosted Crystal Wreath looks like fun and some science is involved.  


These frozen bubbles have been on our list to try since summer!  We have waited for months for it to get cold enough to try it and we are super excited!



Snow Volcano

I am pretty sure my 12-year-old all the way down to my 2-year-old will enjoy this experiment and we have enough  snow to actually try it this week!



Christmas Snow Globes by Reeko Science

My kids have already made their Christmas Globes and had a blast making them.  My husband didn’t appreciate the glitter that seems to cover everything when it comes out but the kids had fun and helped clean up so it was worth it!



Another fun science experiment with melting snow from Mom Inspired Life.   I love how simple and easy this one is to pull together. 



123 homeschool 4 me has pulled together some great writing prompts.  I’ll adjust accordingly for my 7th grader but I know my 1st grader will love these.


Christmas Math Worksheets

Here are some great Christmas themed math lessons that I know my 1st grader will enjoy and give him a break from his textbook.  


Build a sled STEAM project

I love this building challenge from handmade kids art!  What a fun idea.


Christmas Math Game

Math Geek Mama incorporated a story and a math lesson and I LOVE it!  What a great idea!