Grain Mill Comparison NutriMill vs. WonderMill



Grain  Mill Comparison:

I love to make my own bread and using fresh ground wheat.  My first experience with making bread was when I was twelve years old and my mom gave me the assignment of making our family’s bread.  I have to admit that I hated it at first.  My mom had this old wheat grinder that would spray flour dust into the air and it was so loud!  I had to take it outside and grind the wheat.  Then I had to mix the bread by hand, which I didn’t love either.  My mom eventually bought a Bosch mixer and that was amazing!  

When I was older and started my own family I decided that I wanted to continue to make our own bread.  For my birthday my husband bought me Bosch mixer and I also received a Wondermill grain mill.  I make bread every 1-2 weeks and would freeze the loafs in the freezer to last.    My Bosch mixer handles that amount of dough with no problems and it is SO much better than mixing by hand.  Ha ha.  No surprise there.   I really loved my Wondermill as well and it lasted about 8 years.   I have since bought the Nutrimill and I have enjoyed that as well.  

Now that I have tried and tested both grain mills here’s a list of pros and cons to each:


WonderMill Grain Mill Pros:

It’s quiet and mess free.

It’s compacity of wheat to grind is about 8 cups, and the flour bowl capacity is 16 cups. 

I love the detachable flour bowl that comes with a lid for storage.

It’s fast.


The machine HAS to be on before you fill it with grain.  I accidentally poured the grain into the hopper before the machine was on and broke it.  My husband took it apart and fixed it, but I didn’t love that it was so easy to break.  


NutriMill Classic Pros:

Large capacity at 20 cups of flour and the hopper and flour bowl match so you only have to fill it once. 

You can fill the bowl before turning it on or after.  You won’t break the machine.  Even if you stop during grinding.  

It’s quiet and mess free.


It’s not as fast as the Wondermill.

The lid on the flour container is somewhat difficult to put on.  Although I have found adding cornstarch to the rubber rim helps tremendously.  


All in all my favorite has been the Nutrimill.  I love that I can’t break it by accidentally pouring in the wheat before it is turned on.  And I love the extra flour capacity of the Nutrimill. 

Here’s my whole wheat bread recipe.


Here’s my soaked whole wheat bread recipe.


Sanity Saving Chore System

sanity saving chore systemI am not going lie, teaching the kids to be responsible human beings that clean up after themselves is HARD.   I have been using just a rotation schedule for my two oldest.  The downfall to it is that it is usually me nagging them to finish their chores and it is my responsibility to check their work and tell them if something isn’t quite up to par.  I was becoming the enemy in my home and the parent that nobody wanted to be around. I was tired of it and my kids were tired of it.   I was talking to a friend about my dilemma and she told me how she does chores with her kids.  I tried her methods and oh my goodness!  The results were incredible!  My kids finished chores quickly and efficiently and I didn’t even have to check in and make sure things were done correctly.  So without further delay, this is what I like to call the Sanity Saving Chore System.   

To start you will need the following:

Either a Dry erase board, chalkboard, or Paper – anything to write your list on.

Dry erase markers, chalk, or pencil – to write with.

Easy Peasy right?!

We use a dry erase board at our house and I proceed to write down all the things that need to be done in the house.  I add easy things to the list for the younger kids that are just starting to learn chores and for the other kids I break up the chores into manageable chunks that won’t overwhelm them.  

Today my list looked like this:

Living room floor

Dining room floor

Kitchen table


Office floor


Sweep kitchen

Half-bath toilet


Empty garbage in kids bathroom


The little kids’ list would look something like this:

Pick grapes up off the floor

Pick up your dirty clothes and put in clothes hamper

Pick up dirty towels in the bathroom

I then ask the kids to come in and pick a chore from the list.  The first person to complete the chore gets to pick their next chore. I pick a few chores as well and it feels like a family event.  It is then a race to see who can get finished first so that they can do the easier chores.  I have never had the chores finished so quickly.  When everything is complete the kids then go through the list and check each other’s work.  They pick someone to check and go through and tell the other sibling what they may have missed and ask politely for them to finish the task properly.  So now I am completely out of the fray so to speak.  

Sometimes I will pay them for certain chores and add the $$ amount that I am willing to pay for certain items on the list.  It’s a great way for them to earn extra money and it’s easy for me too!

This has seriously changed our chore attitude around the house.  When asked if they liked our new chore system the kids responded with an astounding yes!  So fellow parents, if you are struggling with chores around your house, give this a try!

4 ways To Help Eliminate Eczema

I have been meaning to write this post for some time now, and the time has come.  I have had great talks with two different people just this week about how I was able to manage, deal with, and eventually get rid of eczema on my body.  As I prepared for this post, I did some digging thru my external drive to find images to share with you.  When I see these images it makes me a little emotional, to be honest.  It makes me wonder what people thought when they would see my body covered in red rashes.  Well actually, I know what some thought on my trip to Mexico……the locals laughed at and said I got attacked by mosquitos!  My heart weeps when I see others struggle with what I had once really struggled with.  And because I know the feelings, pain, and the struggle, I want to share this with everyone in hopes that they may find answers to helping, maintaining, or even getting rid of eczema that affects them.  4 ways that I eliminated eczema

So, as to avoid all of my stories of scratching, weeping, bleeding, and wrapping my arms and legs so I wouldn’t scratch or to help maintain the weeping of eczema that I dealt with, I will now share with you things that I believe helped me to continually to get better and to maintain clear skin now for 11 years.  I do believe that it is a process, and everything that I tried helped my progression.  Now these things may not work for you, but if it feels right, give them a try.  Many things that I tried worked for quite some time and then it seemed like my body became immune to it. I was never able to get it completely gone with just one product or trick.  So definitely give things a try, don’t give up.  You can find relief.

  1. Freederm HC.  I often forget to tell people about this amazing cream when I begin to tell them of things that have helped me.  I probably forget because it was 2006 when I used it!  Here is a before and after picture of my legs when I began to use Freederm HC.  This is possibly after a week or two of using it.  I used this cream until it seemed to do all that it could for me, and it was time to try something else.  After using the cream, things did stay improved and eliminated the weeping of the rash.  Freederm HC is highly recommended!4 ways to help eliminate eczema

2. Hazelwood Necklace.   I stumbled on to this site after my sister-in-law told me about their teething necklaces.  I began to read all of the testimonials on the site and came across the testimonials for eczema.  WOW.  I couldn’t wait to get these necklaces for me and my family to try out.  My first order I got a necklace for me and for my oldest son who has eczema as well.  (His just isn’t as extreme as mine was.)  My son noticed how much it helped, that whenever he has a breakout, he goes and gets his necklace on.  The hazelwood necklace helped me out a lot as well and I feel like it was the last step that my body needed to eliminate the majority of eczema that I had.  (Side note: after I saw a change for my son and I.  I got a hazelwood + amber beads necklace for my baby when he was 6 months old.  He has been a dream as far as teething goes, compared to my other three kids.  If he doesn’t have his necklace on for 3 to 4 weeks, eczema starts to breakout on him.)  I absolutely love these necklaces.  Read the testimonials for yourself!!  Oh, and when you click on the Hazelwood Necklace link, you should receive a 10% off coupon.  If not, let me know…  Hazelwood necklace for eczema

(Here is what the necklace with the amber beads looks like.  Just needed to get a cute picture in this post somehow of my little guy.)

3. O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream.  While visiting family in Utah, my husband and I went into a grocery store and I caught this cream out of the corner of my eye.  I figured it was worth a shot.  My hands had massive cracks in them and looked similar to the picture on the packaging.  Oh, how it HURT the first few times that I put on this cream!  But pretty much everything at that point hurt, even water.  I decided to faithfully try this cream, and it helped immensely.  With this cream, the canyons on my fingers and palms were gone!  I keep this cream on hand if and when my hands begin to crack, what a lifesaver!Amazing cream for eczema

4. I eliminated harsh chemicals in my everyday.  Ok, follow me here.  I had come to the conclusion that I needed to minimize my everyday products with chemicals, and limit my hands in water.  My hands have been the hardest to clear up, but they are 90% clear!  

     – I changed my deodorant to Arm & Hammer Deodorant.  By doing this, it eliminated aluminum and antiperspirant.  Now get this, when I changed to this deodorant not only did I feel like I was eliminating chemicals BUT I got all new white shirts to see if the myth that my darling husband told me was true, and it is!  I can honestly say that I no longer have armpit stains in my t-shirts and undershirts.  Fist bump….I’m not kidding!  Can you believe that my husband didn’t tell me why he preferred deodorant over antiperspirant/deodorant until 2 years ago.  When he told me that the antiperspirant is what causes armpit stains, I realized that in the 14 years that we have been married, he has NEVER had armpit stains!  Yes, I admit, my husband schooled me on this and I am pleased. 

     – I know this may sound gross, but I noticed a difference.  I shampoo and condition my hair once a week.  On other days of the week, I wash my hair with baking soda.  That reminds me, I need to refill my baking soda container in my shower!  Check out this post at Hello Giggles, she explains it well.

     – I went from taking a wet washcloth and cleaning my counter tops, to spraying them with tough and tender from Melaleuca and wiping them off.  This keeps my hands out of the water which seems to agitate eczema.  And it smells great!  Win-win in my book.  I also use many other Melaleuca products that due to the fact that they have eliminated the harsh chemicals! 

These are the top 4 things that I can think of right off of my head that have helped me.  What are some things that you have tried and saw improvements on eczema?



Circle by Disney

I first learned about the Circle by Disney with one of their ads, a video with a mom trying to control all of the devices and internet activity at her house.  Something that every mom goes through these days unless she just doesn’t have the internet or tablets or smart phones or iPods or kindles, etc.  

meet the circle

BTW- this is not a sponsored post, just my own opinion about something that made my life easier.  

In our home, I was constantly finding kids on our iPad and or computer when it was time for chores or do homework.    They would sneak off into their room and watch Netflix or play some game.  It was so hard to keep on top of it.  So after seeing the Circle ad and researching it a bit more I decided I wanted one.  My husband purchased it for me on mother’s day and I have absolutely loved it!  

Here’s how it works:

You set it up to your wireless network and basically it becomes your new wireless network.  You download the app and sync up all the devices that are in your home.  I have all my computers, smart phones, IPads, and ROKU’s on my circle app and I can CONTROL all of them!  It is literally amazing.  

Step 1- Follow the directions for the Circle to set it up to your wireless network. We had some technical difficulties but customer service was super helpful.

Step 2- Find the devices in your home and give them a profile.  You can do this two different ways.  If your child has their OWN device then you can make a profile for your child and give it the settings you want.  If your child does not have their own device then you can make a profile for that device.  Our family does not have their own devices, therefore I gave our devices profiles with appropriate settings.  For instance, our iPad is used for all the kids at various times of the day, so I gave it it’s own profile.  


meet the circle- how to use


Step 3- You set up each profile and what filters and settings you want for that profile.  It comes with 4 preset settings, Pre-K, Kids, Teen, and Adult.


You can block or filter any website or app you want, all from your phone.




Step 4- Set up time limits for those profiles.




It will show you what sites your child has been on and how much time was spent on those sites.  You can set time limits for those as well.  



   If I know that my son is using a device for school for 30 minutes, I can give it a time limit of 30 minutes.  At the 30 minute mark, it will give you a time limit notice and will no longer connect to the internet



And you can add a bedtime so no worries about your child being on a device all night long!


Circle time limits and bedtime


I have LOVED my Circle and now they have Circle go with will work with your mobile devices.  Seriously it’s a parent’s dream come true.



Prayer Journal

How to prayer journal

A Prayer Journal, what is that you ask?  
Let me explain…

Recently, I was visiting with moms from our homeschool co-op and we were discussing prayer and one of the moms told us that she  had “switched up” the way she prayed.   She told us that she writes down her prayers every day.  In a journal of sorts.  What she has noticed over time, is that she had the ability to be more specific about her needs and that by being more specific she was able to see specific answers.  
The idea completely intrigued me so I set out to try it myself.  Here’s what I did:

I start my morning by opening my prayer and then I pull out my phone and use the notes app OR grab some paper and begin writing.  
I always start with I am thankful for…

I then go through my previous day and think about everything that happened and I start writing down all the things I have to be grateful for.   It is absolutely enlightening to see how many things happen in a day that I never really took notice of before.  God is good.

After I write my thankful for, I then start with Help me with…
I ask God for help with the things I am struggling with or needs I have or my family has.  By being so specific with my needs, I find I am more in tune to feel the answers.  It has truly been fascinating.  I also ask for someone I can be of service for that day.  Sometimes a friend or family member will come to mind or maybe a particular child or even my husband.  As you are writing your thoughts, you will find answers come to you.  

Lastly, I end with Forgive me for…

I ask God’s forgiveness for the mistakes I have made or the places I fell short.  As I write theses words I am given thoughts and feelings of ways to help me not repeat past mistakes or just comfort in knowing God loves me. 

I love this quote by Elder Juan A. Uceda, “At the very moment we say, “Father in Heaven,” He hears our prayers and is sensitive to us and our needs.  And so His eyes and His ears are now connected to you.  He reads our minds, and He feels our hearts.  You cannot hide anything from Him.  Now, the wonderful thing is that He will see you with eyes of love and mercy -love and mercy that we cannot fully understand.  But love and mercy are with Him at the very moment you say “Father in Heaven”.  So a moment of prayer is a very, very sacred moment.  He is not one to say “No, I will not listen to you now because you only come to me when you are in trouble.”  Only men do that.  he is not one to say, “Oh, you cannot imagine how busy I am now.”  Only men say that.  “

I cannot express the joy that has come to my heart from changing the way I pray.  It is a journal of my life in a very real sense and something my kids can read back on and know who I am and what I struggled with and know of my testimony of God and Jesus Christ.   The days that I forget to write in my prayer journal seem to be harder and I feel incomplete somehow.  I noticed that was SO incredibly happy on the days that I journaled.  I encourage all to try it!  It is incredible. 

Here are some other ideas for prayer journaling for you to enjoy and pick one that best suits you.

Prayer Journal Free Printables 

From Sparkles of Sunshine


Spring Clean your Prayer Life

By Lynnae McCoy


How to make your playroom mess free!





See that picture up above?  
I never thought a playroom with so little toys would be SO enjoyable for my children.  I was inspired by this post I saw floating around facebook one day.   The article described a mom who was frustrated with the lack of play in her play room.  All the kids would do was dump out toys and in my house, it seems all they do is break them.   She was frustrated  with how many times she had to clean up after the kids, only to have them destroy it again.  It was making motherhood hard and unenjoyable.  {This totally describes me.}

  So… she gave her toys away.  


Isn’t that rather a big change to make over a little mess here and there?

Well, I thought so too, but then I read on as she described the after effect.  

Her house was calm, and happy, and clean.  But the best part, the kids actually played and imagined.  There was less fighting and more creating.  A dream right?  

Well, I decided that I was ready for that kind of dream and set out to create a new  mess-free play room.  

During nap time I grabbed a bunch of boxes and garbage bags and hauled out every broken and (in my judgment) useless toy.   

Here’s what I kept: 

2-3 dolls, with blankets

A basket of cars with a City Life Play Carpet.

A basket of wooden blocks



Dress up clothes

My Green Kid’s Table 

The white cubicles that I have to store my toys. 

That’s it.  I only kept the high-quality  toys that inspired creativity.

Here’s my verdict;


 Why did I not do this sooner?

The kids play way more.  The room is now a go to reading room for my older two and the younger ones actually play with the toys rather than scatter the toys to kingdom come. 

When all their little friends or cousins come over it usually resulted in a HUGE mess, but now there are simply not enough toys to make a huge mess and they can clean it up and a jiffy.  

So my recommendation is to do it!!